Bruno Dursin (Zinkinfo Benelux) als spreker op de Staalbouwdag in Affligem

Circulair bouwen met staal

Presentatie om 09u45 in Zaal A

'In a well-structured circular economy, the steel industry has significant competitive advantages over competing materials. Undoubtedly, batch hot-dip galvanizing has many arguments that strengthen ‘the steel case’ with regards to circular building. 
Steel is/has easily demountable and remountable, suited for designing prefabricated elements and has the highest % of recyclability compared with concrete or wood.
Hot dip galvanizing ensures low maintenance cost -> interesting for investors, requires very limited or no repairs before reuse and offers an excellent Total Life Cycle Cost (TLCC) compared to painted steel.'

Image: The Green House Utrecht (NL), architect: cepezed,photo: cepezed | Lucas van der Wee

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